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Spray Tan

Contra Indications

Consultation Form


What should I do if the tan runs on the clients skin?

Simply wipe off the tan that has run and reapply.  The tan should blend once dry.  If it keeps happening adjust your gun so less spray comes through.

What tan doesn't go orange?

We have found that tans that are manufacturered in the UK do not go orange.  Particularly those that are natural active ingredients.  These tans have no preservatives and do not require the orange shade to counteract the green that is caused by preservatives.  Our own tan, Riva, is manufacturered in the UK and does not go orange on the clients skin.  We sell this tan in store only, contact us to find out more.

Why do my clients underarms go green?

Quite often the preservatives in deodorants and body sprays can send the guide colour green.  This is nothing to worry about as the tan will still develop brown.  The body salts in sweat can also do this and its very common in the summer months.  Do not worry, it will go brown.
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