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Contra Indications

Consultation Form & Record Cards

Can massage help my client?

Massage is often seen as a luxury treatment but it has many health benefits.  These can range from muscle aches and pains to circulatory and digestive issues.  Massage also helps the immune system as it increases lymphatic and blood flow to the body and the organs. 
Keep in mind the contra-indications listed above before performing a massage as some conditions will require medical permission prior to carrying out the treatment.

Do I really need to know Anatomy & Physiology?

Absolutely.  Massage is not just a luxury treatment.  Due to its positive impact on health and wellbeing, you will need to know how it can impact the body and its systems.  It is vital to understand how the body works so you can best assess your client to see if massage treatment is right for them.  The contra indications above will help you determine if massage is suitable but sometimes there may be more going on and by understanding this you can make an informed decision as to whether your client will need referring to thier doctors for diagnosis and treatment.

Where can I buy Professional grade products?

Massage medias can be anything that prevent friction of the skin, from the usual and expected oils to powders and massage creams.  Aroma therapy oils can only be used by a qualified aromatherapist as these can have significant impact on the body systems.
There are many sources of professional massage products on the market.  In the useful links below there are 2 main suppliers of professional massage medias.


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