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Contra Indications

Consultation Form & Treatment Plan

Anatomy & Physiology

Can I do the facial treatment on male clients?

Of course you can.  You can do facial treatments on anyone.  Just be aware of the contraindications and make sure you do your consultation to ensure you are performing your treatment safely.  Think of this as your risk assessment form for each client as each clients needs and concerns are different.  If you follow your training, your course manual and the notes above you can give your clients a healthier glow.

Can a Facial treatment get rid of Acne?

A single facial treatment cannot get rid of acne.  However, the skins condition will be greatly improved with regular treatments.  Facials are accumulative.  Even though you will see a difference in the skin straight away, regular treatments will improve skin condition further over time.  Just remember that severe cases are classed as a contra indication and that medical intervention may be needed prior to you performing your treatment.  If you are unsure it is best to get medical advice before you continue.

Will my client get spots after having a treatment?

Your clients should not get spots after having a facial treatment unless there was already something under the skin which can be clearly felt while doing the treatment.  So many beauticians say that clients will get spots.  This should not be the case as it means you are clogging your clients pores rather than freeing them.  If you choose the correct products by analysing your clients skin correctly this should not happen provided that the client doesn't keep touching their skin with how soft you will make it feel.
The other thing that causes spots is the fact that a lot of beauticians do not wear gloves during the facial treatment.  Just think that if you are exfoliating your clients face, you will also be exfoliating your hands.  Remember that even though your hands are washed and sanitised you will still secrete skin, sweat and oils from your hands which can clog the clients skin.  Wear your gloves and this will not happen.  We have found that powder free nitrile gloves feel like a second skin when correctly sized and the treatment will feel the same to the client as doing it with your hands.
If you would like to look at high end facial products for performing your facial treatments, our sister company offer the Dermalogica products on thier website at a fabulous discounted price. Click the image below to visit thier website for more information
Facial Massage


Contra Indications

Treatment & Pressure Guide

Consultation Form & Treatment Plan

Anatomy & Physiology

Microdermabrasion types

Can this treatment get rid of my clients scars and stretch marks?

This treatment will not 'get rid' of scars or stretch marks but it will reduce them.  Regular treatments are needed.  Check the treatment and pressure guide above for recommended treatments.  Reductions will only last so long.  Your client may need top up treatments once a month to maintain once the desired result is achieved.

Can I reduce my clients dark spots and freckles?

Hyperpigmentation can be reduced provided that the pigmentation is not too deep in the epidermis (check the anatomy of the skin above).  Freckles are usually deeper in the skin and require medical acid peels to remove or reduce them.  However, sun damage, dark spots and age spots can be reduced with this treatment.

Is diamond or crystal microdermabrasion better?

To answer that question you will need to compare the pros and cons of each type of microdermabrasion.  Click the Microdermabrasion types link above for a chart
We recommend using Dermalogica ultracalming range with a microdermabrasion treatment as it sooths the skin and is gentle and kind. Click the image below to get these products at a great price
Don’t forget that after removing the acid mantle (AKA sun protective layer or PH Layer), your client will need a minimum of SPF 30 when exposed to daylight for 7 days following each treatment. Click the image below for the products we recommend.


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