Q. Is Gel better for your nails than Acrylic?

A. This is another one of those myths. Neither gel or acrylic will damage your own nails. There are three things that damage your own nails, and that is 1. over filing of the natural nails in the preparation 2. incorrect removal of the extensions 3. poor filing technique when doing infills. When extensions are removed your nails should still be in the condition they where when the extensions where first put on!

At the Nail School we emphasise the correct use of a file so as not to damage the nail plate, health & safety is paramount, we teach safe and correct use of the electric file if you wish and we train you one to one so that you will learn to become a responsible technician with client care constantly in mind.

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Which should I learn, Gel or Acrylic?

This is a question I get asked everyday. I always answer the same, you really need to know both. We have found in our salons that going back 2 to 3 years ago it was all acrylic but today it is about 50 /50.

Acrylic nails are definately stronger than Gel but with clients now having shorter lengths on their extensions mainly due to most people having to use keyboards etc. Gel is ideal for short extensions.

Gel for the technician are a breeze, the product does not set until it is put under the U.V. light, it is self levelling, and gives a lasting shine to the nails.When it comes to infills, again they are eaiser to do, gel blends in lovely without much filing.Doing French white or sparkle tips is easy as the product is not setting as you sculpt on the tip. With Gel there is no smell, fumes and less dust.

On our 2 day Gel and Acrylic course we do Gel on day 1 and Acrylic on day 2. The cost for this course is £300.

Acrylic nails are still very popular and a big part of the nail extensions business. Acrylics are more skillfull to do as the product sets as you are using it so you have to work fast. You need to get the right mix of Monomer to powder and get a feel for the product of choice, they do handle differently supplier to supplier. Infills take a bit longer to do and if lifting has crept in can be a pain. The best way to avoid lifting problems is correct preparation of the natural nail, correct mix and use of the products, and getting your client to come back for their infills within 3 weeks, good aftercare advice also goes a long way to nails lasting.

Overlays onto the natural nail I prefer Gel unless the clients nail plate is really thin and flexible, then Acrylic is better but Silk/fibreglass is the best.

So you do really need both disiplines to cover all clients.

You should not be able to see the difference between Gel or Acrylic when done properly.