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Consultation is a two way procedure. You must ascertain from your potential client, the reason why they want nail extensions, only then are you able to recommend the best type of nail extensions that will suit their needs. i.e. during consultation you have discovered that a client is getting married and requires a strong nail extension to last a two week period of a honeymoon, she will have to remove the extensions before returning to work as a cook. She would best be advised to have silk wrap/ fiberglass extensions as they are natural looking and easily and quickly removed without any damage to the natural nail. This could be done at home with a ' Home Removal Kit ' or better still in the salon, for which you would charge for removal plus you could recommend a manicure, therefore gaining a regular client for this service.

Always be honest with clients at consultation, treat each person as an individual and tailor a nail care program to fit the condition of the nails, their lifestyle and the kind of work they do. Time spent on consultation will help produce satisfied clients and reduce potential future problems. Recommendation by word of mouth is the best advertising you can have, but conversely clients telling other people that you give bad service will do more harm and spread fast.

You must advise your clients that to keep their extensions at their best two weekly infills are the norm. Your price list can reflect this i.e £15 for a 2 week fill, £20 for a 3 week fill and £28 for longer. To do this record cards must be filled in at each clients visit showing the date and if possible initialed by the client.

You may not realise this, but you are helping your client and yourself by stressing 2 weekly fills. i.e. If your clients nails start to lift they could be infected by bacteria. The natural nail plate can be thinned by continual lifting and gluing with shop brought glues that are often brittle damaging to the nail plate.

As a nail technician your are a professional person, and are legally liable for the condition of your clients nails, and by not stopping her damaging behavior and advising her of the correct aftercare, you are condoning the situation and leaving yourself wide open to being sued.

As was the opening statement 'Consultation is a two way procedure'

Your duty is to inform your clients of the best nail extensions and aftercare programme for them as a individual.

Your clients duty is to follow your recommendations and agree to your terms in the interest of health and safety.

Any client who does not agree to this will not make a good client, and as a professional you should not take them on.

  Consultation Check List
01 Check for contra indications
02 Determine lifestyle
03 Advise on extension type
04 Advise length
05 Discuss shape
06 Discuss treatment procedure
07 Discuss aftercare; maintenance; removal etc.
08 Further treatment
09 Costs involved
10 Time commitments
The consultation prior to the treatment is of the utmost importance to establish client needs and expectations, to advise on the systems available and to ascertain the most suitable treatment for the individual. A detailed consultation promotes professionalism and confidence.


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