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Client Record Cards

Not only is it a requirement by law and for insurance purposes to maintain a client record card system but they should contain useful information to help you give good service, aid your marketing and build your business.

Always record the clients name, address, post code and contact number & mobile number. You may need to contact her to inform her that the technician is ill for example. You could telephone or text to remind her of an appointment or to enquire why she missed an appointment and maybe reschedule. You could also advise her of forthcoming promotions or to send Christmas/ Birthday cards. It is very important that you note a clients correct title, Miss; Mrs; Ms etc. clients can get very upset when given the wrong title! Month & day date of birthday.

Record what previous services they may have had to their nails elsewhere; what problems or allergies if any they may have encountered.

Record the condition of the clients nail plate and cuticles before treatment. i.e. badly bitten; fungal infection; lifting nail plate; ridging; was there any previous product on the nails.

Record the clients occupation and advise accordingly

Record date of services given and what was done.

Always record if any allergies where encounted form a service given.

Record the shape of nails worn by the client.

Record cost of services & product sales

Record colour of varnish used or the reference of an Air Brush Stencil.

Record Card Check List
01 Name So you know the client you are dealing with and can find her record card .
02 Address To send mail shots of sales promotions to inform clients.
03 Telephone Numbers In cases of an illness of the therapist, the client may be notified, to change time or cancel appointment.
04 Contra-Indications Reasons the treatment may not take place, and to make sure contra-indications are checked.
05 Allergies If a client has any known allergies to any products so they may be avoided.
06 Disorders

Any disorders of the nails may be identified. e.g. Onycholysis

07 Condition of Nails So the appropriate extension may be applied e.g. Acrylic; Gel; Silk Wrap
08 Treatment Plan Client's expectations of the treatment. What the therapist intends to do for the treatment and how long the treatment will take.
09 Products Used In case a client has an allergic reaction to any products used. So that particular product may be avoided in further treatments, or so that the therapist can continue using preferred products.
10 Aftercare What the therapist recommended for the client to do at home. Any Contra-indications.
11 Comments Anything you wish to note. Why the client is having the treatment. i.e. birthday, wedding, holiday etc. so you can mention it next time.
12 Consultant Name of therapist who carried out the treatment
13 Date So a close record of time between treatments may be kept.


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