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Why does Gel give a burning feeling?

Gels when applied thickly to nails can give a burning feeling when put under the U.V. lamp to cure. This can be quite painful to your client. What is happening is in simple terms is that say gel comprised of two molecules A & B. The U.V. light in the lamp excites the gel, A will look for B and joins together to form a polymer chain this give the extension strength. While A is looking for B, friction is caused as the molecules whiz round, friction means heat and the heat leads to a burning feeling.

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What are Gel Nails
 Gel nails can be Sculptured, applied over tips or as an overlay onto the natural nail.

The gel we recommend is a one component gel with a viscosity that allows it to self level. (Palms Thick Gel )

Gels come supplied pre-mixed, are placed on the nail and cured under UV (ultra violet) light. The light causes the Oligomers in the gel to form into chains of molecules.

The gel should be applied in 3 coats, each layer should be cured in UV light for 2 to 3 mins. After the third coat has been cured in the UV light the gel will still be sticky and needs to be wiped over with a lint free pad (nail wipe pad) soaked in Isypropol (nail wipe liquid) to remove the sticky layer, leaving a shiny surface.

Your first coat of gel must be a very thin coat as this gives a base on the natural nail plate that does not shrink back in the UV light. Do not wipe between coats with nail wipe.

The second layer is a thicker coat of gel to give the nail strength, the gel should be thinner at the back ( next to the cuticle)and the front ( at the free edge)of the nail, the thickest area should be in the middle of the nail plate as this is where the nail tip is glued to the natural nail.

The top layer is a medium coat of gel. Remember to wipe the nail after this coat.

Gel nails are not as strong as Acrylic nails, but retain a shine and are more resistant to water and solvents than acylic.

Coloured gels used as an overlay onto natural nails is very popular and some now come in a soak off form.

When doing sculptured nail extensions, a thicker (sculpting gel) gel must be used as this type of gel will hold its shape, sometimes called builder gel. More skill is needed to master the use of the gel when doing sculptured nails..

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