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The professional nail technician is part of one of the fastest growing industry's in the U.K. today. In the past nails where just an add on to other beauty services or second place in hair salons where a technician would rent a space. All this has now changed and now we have salons just dedicated to Nails. Some companies have a chain of branches sometimes involving a franchise deal. What is so brilliant about this business is that a technician can work from home as a one person business and make a good living or work for someone else in a salon. Renting a space in a salon is also another way to work. You have to set up your own table and supply all the products and equipment, but all the takings are yours after you have paid the rent fee, usually between £50 - £80. You will be responsible for your own Tax and N.I. payments, you will not be entitled to holiday/ sickness pay as you will be self employed, the owner of the salon may ask you to work within the framework of the salon times and overall image. You will need liability insurance and be aware and practice Health & Safety at work. As a professional nail technician you will be touching clients and so must avoid at all costs cross infection and keep your working environment clean and germ free. Be aware of your own and others overexposure to chemicals and how to use them safely, C.O.S.H.H is very important.
Setting up a Nail Service can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. The bottom line is profit and it is easy to get into a trap of working for nothing. Being cheaper than the competition is a temptation to avoid, set a price say £25 then offer a discount if they book now, there is more about this in Marketing. Get advice and do your research, look at other salons, get your nails done by someone else, ask questions. Go to trade shows, read books and watch videos, get as much help as possible.
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