Primary Colours

Red, Yellow & Blue are the primary colours from which all other colours are made.

Secondary Colours

Mixing the primary colours with each other will give you secondary colours or Orange, Green & Purple.

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colour wheel

Colour Wheel

colour wheel complimentary
colour wheel triad

Intermediate Colours

Mixing one primary colour and one secondary colour will give you Tertiary colours. Red/Orange : Yellow/Green : Blue/Violet : Red/Violet : Yellow/Orange :Blue/Green

Tints are made by adding White to a colour.

Tones are made by adding Gray to a colour

Shades are made by adding Black to a colour.

It is the colour spectrum in light that gives us the colour that we see. Light can be broken down into the colours of the rainbow and beyond. When a colour is seen as red, what is happening is that light is bouncing off the surface and the only colour to be seen is the colour being reflected. When we see white we see all colours being reflected whereas black absorbs all colours, not reflecting any.