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How to fold up your spray Tan Tent

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You will need to provide a model to work on. You do not have to buy a kit to do the training, everything is here for you. Maximum class size is up to 3 learners.

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Spray Tanning is a very simple procedure and anybody could do it once shown. Training and certification is

important to enable you to cover yourself with liability insurance.

We take you through, Conta-indications & Health and Safety : Equipment & equipment maintenance : Tanning fluids : Booking in a client : Customer consultation : Customer preparation for spraying : Spraying method : How to avoid spraying problems and getting an even tan : Aftercare advice for your client : Top up Tans : Marketing : Certification.

spray tan
Shown left is a typical setup for a mobile technician. A setup like this would cost around £99 for the machine and tent, solutions and disposables. Solutions cost around £28 to £80 a litre and you should get up to 20 full body tans from a bottle. The going rate is around £15 to £20 to your client. So if you only did 3 per day at £15 that is £270 over 6 days at a cost of £25 approx. (using a solution at £28 per litre) The only other add-on you may think about is an extraction filter to catch any overspray.
Spray Tanning is easy, quick and fun to do... Excellent profit margin.... Small equipment outlay....

Spray Tan Technique

Spraying a Top Up Tan

Course Price £95

We use Riva Tanning solutions made with 100% natural active iingredients. Some solutions have preservatives in them which can make you go orange. You do not have to pay through the roof for quality product. Riva Tanning solution £28 for 1 litre from us.