Assessing the health of your clients feet is an important part of consultation.

The cuticles: Are they dry, tight, cracked or overgrown, or are they soft and pliable? Regular use of cuticle oil will help maintain the cuticles in a good condition.

The nail: Are they strong or weak, thickend, discoloured or stained? Sometimes this may indicate a nail disorder. The nails of the feet should be filed straight accross into a square shape. Rounded nails may cause ingrowing toenails.

The skin: is the skin dry, rough or cracked, or isit soft and smooth? Is the colour even? Also check between the toes.

Conta Indications:- All this means is anything that would stop you carrying out the service. When a client attends for a pedicure service, the therapist should always look at the clients skin and nails to check that no infection or disease is present which may contra-indicate service. These include bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral infections. If the client is wearing nail polish this must be removed before checking. If you suspect the client has any disorder (shown right) DO NOT ATTEMPT A DIAGNOSIS, but refer the client tactfully to thier GP or a Chiropodist without causing unneccessary concern.

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Pedicure (Watch this useful Video) (Video for SNS Pink & White to Toes)
01. Spray or wipe the client's feet with antiseptic solution and inspect for contra indications. It is a good idea to wear gloves at this stage.

02. Remove any nail polish and place both feet in to soak for 25 minutes. The water should be warm and contain a brand of pedicure foot soak. Give the client a magazine to read if they wish. A modesty towel should be placed over the clients knees.

03. Lift one foot out of the pedicure bath and towel dry. Clip the nails back to the required length using toe nail clippers. Do not try to cut across them in one cut as this may split the nail. Using an emery board, file across the top of the toenail and remove any corners to prevent ingrowing toenails. The toenail free edge should then be bevelled, to seal the layers in the nail. Repeat on all five nails.

04. Apply cuticle cream and massage it in with the pad of your thumb in a circular movement.

05. Push cuticles back with a cuticle pusher or hoof stick.

06. Use a cuticle knife or equivalent tool to remove any non living tissue on the nail plate around the cuticle and lateral folds.

07. Gently massage the foot with foot exfoliant in circular movements over the ball and heel of the foot. Be firm and confident with your movements, but be aware that your client may be sensitive in this area. Rinse off the exfoliant in the footbath and then gently use a pedifile to remove hard skin left on the heel and the ball of the foot. Do not use this tool on the sole or soft areas.

08. Repeat steps 3 - 7 on the other foot, keeping the clients other foot warm wrapped in a towel.

09. You may wish to use a special exfoliant suitable for the top of the foot and leg at this stage, wash off and dry the feet.

10. Using cream, oil or lotion apply to your clients foot and leg, using specific massage movements.

11. Wipe the nails till squeaky clean with non acetone to remove oil or creams.

12. Fit toe separators.

13. Polish the nails using one base coat, two coats of colour and a top coat.

Specialist Masks

There are many products to make your pedicure more luxurious, just follow the manufacturers instructions.

Paraffin Wax Treatment.

Turn on the wax heater 30 mins before treatment, checking temperature is set correctly on the thermostat. Protect the working area, yourself and your client from possible splashes of wax. Always check the temperature of the wax yourself before asking your client to place foot into the wax. Carry out client consultation and check for contra indications.

01. Clean and sanitise your clients feet.

02. Apply oils or lotions, these will help in the removal of the wax and also the absorption of the oils and lotions.

03. Immerse the clients foot into the wax bath, (you may if you wish brush on the wax in layers), wait 5 seconds and repeat another five times. Place the foot into plastic protector and place into hot towels or heated booties. Leave for 10 to 15 mins checking that the client is comfortable.

04. Unwrap the towel from the foot, hold the plastic protector tight to the skin and pull downward, this will peel off the wax at the same time. Dispose into a bin.

05. Proceed with a masage routine.

Contra Indications:- Broken bones: Diabeties: Paronychia: Cuts or abrasions on the feet: Scabies or Itch mites: Severe eczema of the nail: Severe of the skin: Severe nail separation (onycholysis) : Severe psoriasis of the nail: Severe psoriasis of the skin: Tinea corporis (body ringworm): Tinea unguium

Always check for Contra Indications before commecing with any part of the pedicure service. Always do a thorough consultation, and especially find out whether your client is diabetic or on any medication.