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We are now doing Manicure & Pedicure as a joint course for £175 the two go together and can be done in one day. If you just want Manicure then the fee is £95, Pedicure course only is £95
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Basic Manicure
01.Examine clients hands for contra indications and sanitise yours and your clients hands with hand gel or spray.

02. Using an emery board file and shape your clients nails to the required length. Always file inwards towards the centre of the nail along the edge.

03. Using a glass or crystal file, run the file under the free edge of the nail to bevel the layers of the nail. The nail plate grows in three layers and if you dont bevel the free edge to seal the layers, the layers can separate along the free edge.

04. You can if you wish use a buffing file to smooth the top of the nail plate using the file stroke as shown in the image to the left.

05. Put a small amount of cuticle cream onto each cuticle of one hand. Rub gently into each cuticle.

06. Place the hand into the cuticle soak and start on the other hand repeating steps 2 to 5.

07. Take out the first hand from soak and place the other hand into soak. Dry the first hand on a towel.

08. Apply cuticle remover to each cuticle.

09. Use a cuticle pusher to release the cuticle from the nail plate.

10. Scrape off non-living tissue from the suface of the nail plate with the cuticle knife.

11. Using the cuticle nippers, take off any hang nail. Wipe both hands to remove any residue of products.

12. You are now ready to do the moisturising. Put cream into the palm of your hand rub hands together and start the application.

13. Smooth the cream over the arm and hands using effleurage movements.

14. Smooth cream over the wrist.

15. Never put Gel Polish on after doing a full manicure, it will peel off!

See below how you may extend your Basic manicure to a de-luxe manicure. We cover this on our manicure course.

shape and file
glass file
buffing free edge
cuticle cream
cuticle cream 2
start other hand
other hand
Dry hand from soak
Cuticle remover
hoof stick
cuticle knife
cuticle nippers
Ready for massage
wrist massage
massage 1
arm massage

15. Spread moisturing cream in the top of the hand between the joints.

16.Apply moisturing cream on the digits. Finish off by gently pulling down the finger.

17. Turn over the hand and rub cream into the palm.

18. Interlock fingers with your client and push back and forward, to the left and right.

19. Wipe nail plates with non acetone to make squeaky clean ready for the nail vanish.


Turn the hand over and massage the palm
You may wish to extend the basic manicure service by adding Exfoliation, hand Mask or paraffin wax treatment. Nail paint usually is part of the manicure service, only use normal air dry polish. Do not apply Gel Polish as it will lift due to the creams and soaking compromising the natural nail plate.