The method shown right has been taken from the Marvel Lash instruction leaflet as supplied with the product, and does not negate the need to do a training course.

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Marvel Lash Step by Step

We consider Marvel Lash to be the best of all the systems available on the market. Marvel Lash is a semi-permanant eyelash extension system that is simple, safe and effective, and dramatically enhances the appearance of the eyes.

N.B. DOT NOT apply Marvel-Lash if eyes or surrounding skin is sore swollen or infected.

01.Begin by removing any make-up with Marvel Lash Eye Make-up Remover Pads or any oil free eye make-up remover. Clean lashes with warm water and use a tissue to gently dry.

02. For best results, choose Marvel-Lash lashes that are approximately 1/3-1/2 longer than your clients natural lash. Longer lashes can be applied but they may not last long.

03.Carefully cover the bottom lashes with a Marvel-Lash Anti Wrinkle Eye Patch. Trim the patch to fit if necessary.

04. Comb and straighten the natural lashes using a disposable or sterilised lash comb

05.Squeeze several drops of Marvel-Lash Glue intoa disposable cup.

06. Then using tweezers coat 2/3rds of the lower section of the Marvel-Lash with glue

07. Starting in the centre of the left eyelash. Use a second tweezer to gently isolate a single natural lash. For optimum adhesion, select a lash that is at approximately mid growth cycle.

08. Brush Marvel-Lash down the length of the natural lash - coating the natural lash with glue. Do Not attach the Marvel-Lash tothe eyelid or root of the natural lash as this may cause discomfort and loss of adhesion.

09. Adhere Marvel-Lash to the top, bottom or side of the natural lash - 1mm from the root. Ensure Marvel-Lash is correctly positioned and that there are no visible drops on the lash.

10. Make any adjustments before the glue dries and make sure the glue is sufficiently dry before moving to the next lash.

11. Work from left to right. The second lash is positioned on the outer corner of the left eyelash. The third midway between the outer corner and the centre. The fourth midway between centre and inner corner and the fifth lash at the inner corner.

Move to the right eye and use the same procedure to adhere the next five Marvel-Lash Lashes. Continue this procedure alternating between left and right, building up the lashes where required.

12. As a general rule the longest Marvel-Lash Lashes should be positioned in the centre of the eyelash, reducing to medium length as you work out towards the corner of the eye. The shortest lashes are used at the inside edge whilst no lashes should be used at the inner most corner.

13. Continually review the lashes previously applied ensuring that they are firmly attached and not adhered to ajacent or lower lashes.

14. When all lashes have been applied, ask your client to remain with her eyes closed - wait 5 minutes for all the glue to dry completely and brush through the lashes to check adhesion.

15. Gently remove the eye patches from the lower lashes.

16. To ensure Marvel-Lash lashes last for as long as possible, advise your client of the importance of the correct aftercare and maintenance procedures.

Allergic reaction to tint

Aftercare: Do not allow water or steam to come in contact with the lashes for 48 hours. : Do not perm Marvel-Lash. : Do not use a mechanical curler on Marvel-Lash. : Do not rub the eyes when washing the face. : Only very gently pat lashes dry if required. : Do not use make-up remover on Marvel-Lash. : Only use Marvel-Lash mascara if mascara is required.

Removal: 01. With the tweezers, isolate the lash to be removed. 02. Drop a tiny amount of Marvel-Lash Remover soloution onto a Micro Applicator. 03.Pick up a second Micro Applicator and press it to the first so that the remover is distributed between the two. 04. Gently stoke the lash between the two Micro Applicators until the bond is released. Take care that the remover does not touch the skin, adjacent lashes or enter the eye. 05. use a damp cotton bud to elimate any remover still left on the lash. 06. Allow the lash to dry.

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Eyelash Extensions Course

The course is accredited by ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) No model is required to do the course and you will use our equipments and products. A £30 deposit will secure your place on the course. Maximum 4 learners per course.