The E-File machine shown above right, is in our opinion the best investment you will ever make for doing nails. Although not the most expensive or the cheapest, we feel it is the best. Very smooth, vibration free running. Electric files can cost from about £40 (ebay) to £550.

U Power UP200 is around £305

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Dipping system with SNS products Course £199

Gel Extensions Course:- One day course £175

The Electric file in the wrong hands can do a great deal of damage to your clients natural nails, which will take up to 12 months for the damage to grow out. The Electric file must never be used on a client without proper training. When used safely they speed up the clients appointment time and give a nice finish to the nails, especially Acrylic. Use the Electric file responsibily and safely is the key to a happy client that will come back to you.

Our one to one 1 day Acrylic course can include the use of the Electric file if you wish at a small optional charge of £30. If you have already done a nail course but would like to add Safe use of an Electric File to your skills please ring John to see how we can help. Tel: 07886 485867 or 0121 559 8055 business hours.

Acrylic Course Contents:-Health & safety : Hygiene : Basic Manicure : Nail preparation : Tip selection : Applying tips : Shaping & blending in tips : Acrylic application : Using electric files (optional) & hand files the safe way : Finishing off : Marketing your nail business :Certification and Accreditation. When you leave the training centre, we support you whenever you need us, for helpful advice or products. Just pick up the phone or email. Our course notes on the web are available 24/7 seven days a week.

Your Accredited certificate of professional competence will allow you to get liability insurance, warehouse registration or maybe a job in a salon.

Using the elctric file is now becoming the popular with Acrylic nails. Used correctly and safely it is a great asset when doing nails. For qualified technicians who want to add Electric Files to their method of working then the £80 course is for you.

What E-File should I buy? Really that depends on your budget. The cheap E-files are not as smooth to use as the UP 200. The quality is all in the hand set not the motor box. If you buy one that comes with a footswitch then do not use the footswitch always adjust the speed by hand. When working on the natural nail only use a fine arbour sanding band and set the file speed to number one or the lowest setting possible.

If you do our Acrylic course you can bolt on the E-File course for only £30