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When I first came into nails in 1995 I wanted to do airbrushing of nails and whilst at a trade show I stood and watched a demonstration of airbrushing for 2 hours. I decided to buy a kit, as I paid I was asked did I not want to do the course, I replied that I had been watching for a considerable time I was sure that I could do it. When I got back to base I got all the kit out ready to start, I just could not do it! The gun kept clogging up, I had no control of the paint , the airflow etc. it was all over the place. I rang up the company to book a course, it cost me £400.00 and a trip back to London 200 miles from where I was based. When I got there it was in a lady's front room of her house with me sitting on a sofa.

The training however was excellent and when I got back it was amazing I could do it!

On our training course we will show you all that I was shown.


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What you need to know

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John Tsang
The moisture trap on a compressor is there to catch the condensed moisture from the air that has been heated up during compression

Air Brush Maintenance : Looking after your airbrush is really important, if it cloggs up and you do not know how to cure the problem then you will not be able to carry out the service. We show you how to strip the gun down, clean it and some tips on avoiding problems.

Setting up your compressor : Setting up your compressor can be quite daunting when you look at all the bits and pieces, but it is quite simple really, you need to know the correct air pressure to spray at and what is the moisture trap and what is it for?

Exercises to familiarise you with the controls of the Airbrush : We have some fun exercises to help you use the airbrush in the correct way, getting the correct air to paint mix, keeping the correct distance from the nail to obtain a desired effect and more.

All over colour : This where the client wants just one all over colour.

Colour Fade : Fading the colour up or down the nail is a method used a lot in design.

Colour Blend : Spraying one colour over another colour will give you a third colour, ie. red over blue gives purple. To do this correctly a needs technique we will show you.

Soft French : French is the most popular design asked for and is so easy to do using our method.

Chevron French : Again very popular design, great for weddings and for client that want something fancy but really understated.

Fancy French : Using stencils to give fabulous free edge designs.

Tiger Stripe : Using stencils it is easy, we show you the technique, how to hold the stencil correctly.

General Design : Mixing techniques and colours with stencils and free hand spraying.

Your design Time : Time for you to have a play with the paints and to design some of your own creations to take away with you.

Aftercare : Things to tell your client about how they can look after their airbrushed nails.

Marketing : How much to charge and commercial designing.


Tip:- Always clean the tops of your paint pots so that dried flakes of paint do not drop into the paint well on the airbrush as this may clogg up your gun.
The air pressure regulator valve must be set to the correct pressure to allow the right air to paint mix.